For most breast cancer patients, chemotherapy is an option to help fight the terrible disease and unfortunately one of the biggest and most devastating side effects is hair loss. Chemo does its work against cancer cells but it also destroys hair cells. Within a few weeks of starting chemo, you may lose some or all […]

Whether you are told you have cancer alone or with someone, getting over the initial shock is hard enough – but you then have to tell others of your diagnosis. This, much like the entire cancer process, must be done your way – there is no right or wrong thing to say or way to […]

Breast Cancer Awareness, research and early detection are all very important to me. Losing my mother last year due to this disease has undoubtedly changed my entire life, however I truly believe one day there will be a cure. Until then, there are ways to take care of yourself in order to fully monitor what’s going […]

Nestle Fitness is promoting breast cancer awareness by seeing how many people they can catch sneaking a peek at one woman’s cleavage. You might recognize the Nestle brand for all of the delicious treats (like chocolate chip cookie dough) that they sell in the United States. Outside of our country, though, they’re also known as […]

Last year, a woman was diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes, according to Susan G. Komen. This year? Every two minutes, a woman is diagnosed…

I live by the motto that life is 20 percent what happens to you and 80 percent how you respond. In healthcare, there will always be things that we fear, but educating ourselves about our bodies and family health history can help ease those fears and possibly save our life. After I underwent my double […]

Ebony Steele, the female voice of reason of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show had an unexpected turning point in her career. In 2007, as she was preparing to start her new role with Rickey Smiley, she discovered a lump in her breast. That lump ended up being diagnosed as Stage 1 breast cancer. One devastating […]

Many women who go through breast cancer treatment have to deal with the loss of hair. We all know that a woman’s hair is truly her glory. So when a woman has to let go of something that makes her feel beautiful and like a woman, it’s a heartbreaking experience. But according to Flora Shepelsky–a […]

While we may still be trying to find a cure for breast cancer, there are some delicious ways to help you fight against it. Check them out here. LIKE HelloBeautiful On Facebook!

There are so many myths and stories about how breast cancer develops, how to prevent it and whether or not it’s genetic. However, we must understand that breast cancer can be many diseases, and therefore it is important to get educated about our own bodies and how breast cancer pertains to us as individuals. Must […]

Although Pilates has been around for ages; when it became mainstream around the time Y2K rolled in, the fitness phenomenon that help popularize it all was Mari Winsor. However with over 20 years in the forefront of the Pilates trend, Winsor has recently diversified this popular format by teaming up with Gaiam and developing Pink […]