With "Girlfriends" return to Netflix, we're reminded Joan's fashions and toxicity and how similar she is to Insecure's Molly!

The creator of the iconic show is letting studios know the script is ready and only needs funding.


We are in the full age of extreme nostalgia, where practically all things from the 90s (and even the late 80s) are just as beloved and popular as they once were during their initial heyday. Whether you long for the fashion, the music, the movies or just the overall vibe, it’s no doubt that in […]

It was the crossover we never knew we needed when Yvonne Orji met Jill Marie Jones! We don’t blame Yvonne for being star struck when she met the Girlfriends star in a video we recently came across. But we lived for the fact that Jill seemed to be a huge fan of the Insecure actress […]

From casual chic to a glammed up look, we love the way the timeless beauty exudes confidence and grace. 

I did not always embrace my status as an entrepreneur. I mean, WHO desires to jump feet first, sight unseen, into a pool of inconsistent pay, trifling clients, and loved ones who just do not understand why you are working for yourself ? To be 100 percent honest, I am still struggling with accepting my […]

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Join us on Memory Lane as we celebrate 'Girlfriends'' 15th Anniversary.

Celebrate your girlfriends because they are actually your soulmates.