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Soulmates. The idea means different things to different people. But let’s assume that our soul mates are people who just get us. It’s easy to think of this in the romantic context. But our friendships, I think, are such an important part of our lives, especially the ones with our girlfriends, that they could also be considered our girlfriends.

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1. Our girlfriends understand our womanhood because they experience it themselves. You don’t have to explain the things that frustrate you all the time, because they likely frustrate them too. And you can wash down your frustrations with several glasses of wine.

2. Our girlfriends usually knew us for a long time, and especially for those who knew us when we were younger, they have watched us evolve. And they can usually tell if our changes are taking us closer to, or further away from where we want to be.

3. Our girlfriends can provide us with us with much-needed mirrors when we find ourselves going the wrong way – they can hold up a reflection to show us what we have become when we need to hear it the most

4. If you really think about it, our friends are not under any “obligation” to be around us in a way that our family and romantic loves are (sometimes legally, ha!) But they do anyway – how can this not be something special?

5. Our friendships with our girlfriends usually teach us about how to love people well, and with a sacrificing heart. Indeed we can love our friends well, we learn how to love well in general.


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