Mary Gaspar said she was upset that Florida International University tight end Jonnu Smith wasn't paying her enough attention.

"If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right."

Ray Rice is hoping to convince teams he deserves another chance after his domestic abuse incident with wife Janay Rice last year.

“That’s all it takes to be successful, is an attitude.” Boy aren’t those some words to live by. Apollos Hester, running back for the East View Patriots, gave the most incredible post-game interview of all time after his high school football team went on to defeat their opponents 42-41 following a slow first quarter game. […]

Perhaps you are tired of hearing about the Penn State scandal, and if so, I don’t quite blame you. But let me tell you why we can’t stop talking about it…yet. Not only should we not stop talking about the Penn State scandal because a new report of child abuse is made every ten seconds […]

Look, I’ll just be honest about this, I’m a basketball fan.  I grew up in Chicago during the Jordan era and though I proudly rock my Bears ‘nalia on Sundays during football season, I don’t actually really care about the sport.  I love football season for the trash-talking, beer drinking, wing eating and cutie-spotting (and […]

Despite all of the drama, the NFL is back this season and since men around the country spent the last seven months nervously biting their nails, this season will be especially intense. Be prepared to not have a name or a face on Sundays this fall. Unless you’re the female that loves her Sundays off […]

Not everyone is into beer and wings on Super Bowl Sunday, but they still want to be a part of the football festivities! So try this delicious cocktail to wash down some of Debbie’s delicious recipes! To check out a delicious recipe for Don Julio Tequila‘s “Halftime Margarita,” click here. Check out last year’s NFL […]

If you are like me and have no interest whatsoever in the upcoming Super Bowl, and are met with looks of horror when you accidentally let slip that you have absolutely no idea about the game, about the players or about the history of the great game, then I have just the solution for you. […]