We spoke to Kevin Hart, who stars as a single father in 'Netflix's' new movie Fatherhood.' The comedian knows what it's like to raise a daughter IRL. He opens up about how having a little girl changed his life and helped him mature.

No one knows how to deal with life’s challenges better than a man who’s lived a long life.

We love adorable daddy/daughter stories! Cue sappy music and while you’re at it, reach for those Kleenex. We’ve got a father of the year award that needs to go out to this man. We have no idea who he is, or just how beautiful he and his daughter’s story is, but what we do know […]

The Federal Bureau of Prisons hosted their first-ever daddy-daughter dance at the Miami Federal Detention Center. This dance allowed incarcerated fathers two hours to dance with their daughters in regular clothing–in fact, in suits! The theme of the dance was: There’s Still Time at the Ball. This roughly translates to: There’s still time to be […]

Black fathers often get a bad wrap, but contrary to popular belief, there are many men out there who take pride in the institution of fatherhood. There may be limited positive depictions of them on TV, but with social media fueling user-generated content, we’re seeing more and more father/daughter moments that paint a different picture. Don’t […]

New daddy Ne-Yo stated recently that fatherhood is just as hard as he expected it to be.  The father of 2-month-old Madilyn recently revealed his biggest challenge since becoming a father, is lack of sleep: “It’s just less and less opportunity to sleep. You know, I don’t see the baby as much as I would […]

FROM PEOPLE: Despite the joys of fatherhood, actor Taye Diggs is leaving it up to wife Idina Menzel as to whether there will be a baby number two. “I was in the room when my wife gave birth to Walker [Nathaniel], and after seeing that and going through the nine months of pregnancy with her, […]