We have grown to love these seven Black TV dads who have made us fall for them by exhibiting superior parenting skills.

Journalist Shannon LaNier learned how to braid his daughters’ hair from his wife…and Youtube. He became so skilled at it, other fathers began asking him for hair tutorials, which encouraged him to create and post more videos of him being his daughters’ personal hair stylist. The CW39 Houston host first started making videos to prove […]

Jackson is set to headline Essence Fest this weekend in New Orleans, LA.

This week Shamika Sanders, Brande Victorian, and guest host Tracy G. explore the topic of daddy issues and can you still have them even if your dad was present in your life.

Will comically celebrated the talents he passed along to his son by spoofing Jaden's music video.

There’s nothing more epic that the reactions to Maury’s infamous declarations of “YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER” and “YOU ARE THE FATHER.” I remember sitting around in the morning while college, eating dry Fruit Loops, waiting for my noon class to start (because let’s face it, who scheduled classes before noon?) and watching Maury. His […]

Sadly the concept of a deadbeat dad is nothing new. There are countless men who father children, only to ignore their lives and continue on their own, often making more babies with various other women. Child support payments go unpaid, visits become less frequent and children often become afterthoughts. Must Read: 5 Reasons To Avoid […]

Father’s day is coming up and you can get 50% off a package of four different hot sauces from Infusion Hot Sauce Company. Spice up your daddy’s barbeque with flavors such as Fire Power, Hypernova, Dragon Fire and Mango Bang. All of these flavors are perfect for summer grilling. The original price for this pack […]

I recently told you guys that Ne-Yo was going to be a dad, well it’s true!!! Ne-Yo has confirmed that his girlfriend,Monyetta Shaw, is indeed pregnant with their first child.