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Cleveland resident Lamarr Mainor got the birthday surprise of his life when he was reunited with his father after 37 years apart.

Mainor was incarcerated for 15 years at San Quentin State prison in California. During his time in jail, he began working with at-risk youth. Having grown up without a father, Mainor wanted to give the kids he worked with the connection he missed out on when he was young.

Mainor continued to work with non-profits after being released; he even began his own non-profit. But a health condition caused him to lose his job. On top of that, Mainor revealed he lost a close friend of his in December of 2016, according to The Black Loop.

Having fallen on bad times, Mainor needed a pick-me-up to get him through the storm, and reuniting with his father was the perfect gift.

He thanked his current girlfriend and ex-wife via Facebook for ‘the best birthday ever.’

Take a look at the emotional moment below:



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