Michelle is overwhelmed with gratitude for her family and friends and fans who are supporting her through this season.

Fans of the hit movie got the surprise of their life when Chadwick Boseman showed up during their testimonials.

News of Chris Foerester’s resignation from his post as offensive line coach for the Dolphins hit the web after a video of him snorting a mysterious white substance surfaced on social media. Foerester’s girlfriend, Kijuana Nige, revealed she leaked the video in order to prove the hypocrisy of criticizing players who refuse to stand for […]

Partaking in a little smoke session is nothing new in the entertainment industry. All of our favorite celebs have been caught smoking weed by a…

Chris Brown is reaching out to his fans for help.  Apparently radio stations are not playing his music and he wants his fans to support him.

Lil Kim fans are in an uproar over her plastic surgery and they are OVER their idol!!

Most celebrities shy away from cameras and act lame when fans want more than an autograph. However, tatted-up Rihanna had no problem pulling her shirt up and her pants down to reveal her tat to a fan. She gets so many cool points for this!