Lil Kim fans are in an uproar over her plastic surgery and they are OVER their idol!!

Here’s what we found out from the

It all started when the head honchos at the Fan site reached out to Kim’s assistant because of her recent bleached appearance and weird actions. The fans believe Kim is being brainwashed by the people around her. And they got insulted and blasted by Kim’s assistant and crew.

Here’s the email we received:

We all know recently Lil Kim (or Ho Chi Min as you call her lol) has been wearing terrible make up and making bad career choices. So just recently (2-27-10) the fans spoke out on twitter to her assistant and new right-hand man football player Bryant Mckinnie. And they LASHED out at the entire Lil Kim Zone Forum. LilKimZone.Net is the bases of Kim’s hard core fans. We’re not some new fans. We have been holding her down for at least 15 years, and this is the thanks we get? We only expressed how we feel that Kim is the being misled to think she looks ok and it needs to stop. Not only did they get defensive but they got racial, and homophobic.

I send you this email because this needs to be exposed, Kim needs help, this could be the beginning to her intervention. We as the fans honestly believe she is being brain washed, and that she is surrounded by YES men. We dont want her to end up like Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith, because we are lead to believe drugs are involved.

Lil Kim “dances” around plastic surgery rumors

Here’s a tweet from Kim’s current assistant:

Kim’s former assistant/cousin Sherlish Tweeted about the drama and blasted her new team. She said she left that “sinking ship” because Kim would rather believe the YES people around her instead of the people who love her. It’s getting to be a dangerous situation.

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