Massachusetts Democrat Richard Neal sent a letter asking for six years of Trump's personal tax returns and the returns for some of his businesses.


Despite holding the highest position in the world, even though he shouldn’t have it, Trump continues to operate like a spoiled, whiny child that expects accolades for any and everything they do—regardless of the fact that his actions reek of mediocrity and incompetence. Trump’s latest gripes are directed at Democrats who refused to applaud him […]


Several Black democrats, including Reps. John Lewis and Maxine Waters, will not attend Trump's upcoming State Of the Union after his racist "shithole" comments.


It’s definitely too early to celebrate this news, but perhaps some enthusiastic inner prayers would be more appropriate. It’s being reported that select Democrats have officially introduced documents to begin the impeachment process against Donald Trump. Why it’s taken so long for Trump to be impeached is a question that many find themselves asking daily, […]

On Friday the GOP's latest attempt to repeal and replace Obama's signature legislation, proved to be unsuccessful.

In an episode of POLITICO's "Off Message" podcast, President Barack Obama speaks extensively about the additional challenges that Hillary Clinton faces as a female candidate and his frustration with the Republicans' angry, warmongering rhetoric.

Also in today's roundup, Boston terror suspect Usaamah Rahim allegedly plotted police attack and Trinidad's Jack Warner dishes on Sepp Blatter of FIFA.

Here at Haute House, I talk about different ways to introduce and add color to your décor. So whether you’re supporting Obama or McCain, it’s only natural that we talk about the colors red and blue on this Election Day.