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Hillary Clinton Addresses National Council for Behavioral Health Conference

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Good morning! Your daily news roundup is ready for you with all the fixins. Enjoy!

Democrats Wage Nationwide Lawsuits For Voters Rights

Hillary Clinton and her allies in the Democratic party are going hard in the paint to battle voter discrimination. Today, Clinton will be speaking on issues surrounding suffrage for marginalized groups and civil rights at Texas Southern University, a HBCU located in Houston. Meanwhile, legal battles such as those in Ohio and Wisconsin have been filed to combat items like voter ID requirements and time restraints on casting ballots. Democrats are arguing that these litigations are a stand against discrimination yet Republicans are reducing this to being a slapdash publicity stunt to energize minority voters for the 2016 presidential elections. Read the story at the New York Times.

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No More Price Tags On Rape Kits, Says Louisiana State Government

Bobby Jindal might be winning over some new potential voters for the upcoming presidential elections given the latest piece of legislation he’ll be signing in Louisiana. The state has now passed a pair of bills banning hospitals from charging sexual assault survivors for undergoing rape kits. These rape kits, previously costing victims thousands of dollars, are now to be paid off in part by unclaimed gambling wins. This move comes after the passage of the federal Violence Against Women Act of 1994 that states rape victims are not to pay for their medical exams however large or small their income. Read the story at Nola.com.

Boston Terror Suspect Planned Attacks On Police & Pamela Geller

More details are unfolding this morning surrounding yesterday’s fatal encounter between alleged ISIS follower Usaamah Rahim and the Boston Police. Documents reveal that Rahim had spoken with his associate David Wright—the man that was arrested shortly after Rahim’s death—about attacking “those boys in blue” and using ISIS killing tactics with his newly-bought army knife. One official also claims that Rahim was originally targeting Pamela Geller, the woman behind the fatal Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas. Read the full story at USA Today.

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Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner Agrees To Snitch On Sepp Blatter & FIFA Corruption

Jack Warner, a former Minister of National Security for Trinidad and Tobago and FIFA Vice President has agreed to speak on all he knows about the money laundering that has been going on at FIFA during his affiliation with the association, as well as any information he has on Sepp Blatter. Blatter stepped down as the newly re-elected president of FIFA on Monday amid the scandals that have plagued FIFA ever since Loretta Lynch announced the U.S. Department of Justice’s investigation. Warner, now 72 years-old, is in some really hot water; he’s denying his own counts of conspiracy, fraud, and extortion, but his sons have already plead guilty to their charges in the case. Read the full story at Time.

Wage Disparity Persists Among Blacks And Hispanics In Retail Industry

Surprise, surprise. A recent study from the NAACP and public policy group, Demos, revealed that Blacks and Hispanics are less likely to be paid higher wages, promoted, or given full-time work than whites with the same positions. People of color are also less likely to secure management positions. The numbers don’t lie. The study revealed that while Black cashiers generally make $9.17, Whites make $10.06. Even more alarming is that while Black salespeople make approximately $11.54, White salespeople generally make $15.32. Check out more of the statistics at Fox Latino.

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