Death Threats

However, the Washington D.C. bureau chief for American Urban Radio networks says she is not backing down to the White House or anyone else.

It’s no secret that former POTUS Barack Obama had more than his fair share of haters while he was in office for eight years, he still has them today, but apparently there are people out there that are insane enough to try to physically harm him. A Texas woman has been indicted for sending a […]

Serial dater Diddy can dish it out but he sure can’t take it, as rumor has it he’s been threatening to kill his baby mama’s Kim Porter’s “special friend”. According to,Diddy is so obsessed with actor Jackie Long’s relationship with Kim Porter that he’s made death threats to him.  Apparently Diddy has made several […]

According to Shaunie he is…In a letter from her lawyers to Shaq’s lawyers, Shaunie says Shaq is sending death threats to her boyfriend through their 6-year-old son.