A shift in perspective allowed me to see the history of Charlottesville, VA as both unsettling and inspiring.

The 2019 BRIC Gala occurred on Thursday, November 7th at the Knockdown Center in Queens. BRIC is the largest non-profit presenter of free arts and cultural programming in Brooklyn. Their annual gala showcases BRIC’s vibrant contemporary art, performing arts, and media programs. This year, the gala had Yara Travieso perform. The evening included a cocktail […]

Even after almost 60 years in business, the Alvin American Dance Theater is still breaking ground as a modern dance company.

Black people travel…a lot. There’s so many travel sites and social media accounts started by and targeting Black people. That’s exactly what Black Travel Snob is–an online platform for travel junkies and culture fanatics to share their personal travel experiences. The site highlights frequent and knowledgeable travelers in their community who inspire and encourage others […]

Conversations about the N-word can be tiresome. Should we say it? Can White people say it? Will it always have hurtful connotations attached to it? Is it really a term of endearment? Can it ever be completely reclaimed? The endless stream of questions go on and on. Recently, there has been debate over whether the N-word […]

Regardless of what anyone might think or say, #TeamBeautiful fully believe brown girls everywhere are beautiful, and can’t nobody tell us different! So it was a welcomed surprise to learn that Detroit couple Sheri and Corey Crawley founded International Pretty Brown Girl Day (PBG) day in 2012. The purpose is simple: to inspire self-esteem and appreciation […]

Our minds are often occupied by our experience–what we’re going to eat, what activities we’re going to do and how long should we lounge by the pool. However, there are other things we should be concerning ourselves with when we travel. According to the United States Department of Transportation, it’s important to make sure you’re […]

Sometimes planning travel can be overwhelming and infuriating. When trying to plan multi-week trips I tend to get in a little over my head. I mean, c’mon, keeping track of rules, hotels, flights and trains can be a bit much! Must Read: BED HEAD: How To Properly Wrap Your Hair At Night For times like […]