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Regardless of what anyone might think or say, #TeamBeautiful fully believe brown girls everywhere are beautiful, and can’t nobody tell us different!

So it was a welcomed surprise to learn that Detroit couple Sheri and Corey Crawley founded International Pretty Brown Girl Day (PBG) day in 2012. The purpose is simple: to inspire self-esteem and appreciation for brown girls everywhere. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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The idea began when the Crawley couple created “Laila,” a brown doll for their two daughters, and has since launched into a full fledged positive dialogue for young girls worldwide, starting as young as 5-years-old, up to teens.

Since the launch in February 2012 , there are more than 85 Pretty Brown Self-Esteem Clubs across the nation and six in their hometown, along with three clubs on U.S. campuses including Spelman College, DePaul University and the University of Michigan.

The club focuses on instilling confidence, reinforcing positive conversation about skin tone and body image and reminding young girls of they’re worth. As an adult, I’m overjoyed to learn about an organization with the sole purpose of uplifting brown girls, as opposed to breaking them down and criticizing their hair. (That was a jab at all you Blue Ivy haters!)

So to cheers to Sheri and Corey Crawley for helping to uplift little brown girls. And from #TeamBeautiful to brown girls worldwide you’re beautiful, and if anyone tells you different, send ’em to us we’ll straighten them out.

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