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An interview that Tracee Ellis Ross conducted about a year ago on The Breakfast Club has resurfaced and gone viral. An excerpt is below.

“We have told women that there is a standard of beauty that makes them think they have to do things to themselves that they aren’t naturally. To look like something that they aren’t naturally as if who they are is not beautiful. Women have been manipulating their hair, their asses, their breasts, their lips and all of this for some standard of beauty that is not natural and as if we are these airbrushed creatures that are just an object for desire and that’s not what women are.”

The clip was well received by many but some took offense to the comments regarding manipulation of their hair and bodies, claiming it was their right to do so. Tracee made a quick video on Facebook to clarify and expatiate on her thoughts and naturally, she did not disappoint. Tracee discussed the intricacies of beauty, culture, and society in the video below as well as explaining that her initial statement was not to offend anyone.

She made some fantastic points on major topics.

On women:

“I’m an advocate for women having the freedom to choose. I don’t like the idea that women are shamed into making choices or feel shamed for the choices that they make.”

On culture:

“If you think you have to manipulate yourself because you think who you are is not beautiful enough or not good enough then I think our culture has failed you.”

She even questions her viewers: 

“I wonder what it would be if each of us expanded our idea and our definition of what beauty is. Like where would each of us find it? I think that the hope and the goal is that each of us find it within. That’s what I wish for everybody.”

I’m here for ALL.OF.THIS.

Tracee conducted an interview in Glamour Magazine back in September 2015 admitting that she too struggles with body image at times. Given the industry she is in, I imagine it almost impossible not to have self-doubts.

“I had to ask myself, Do I want to be somebody who worries about what I’m eating? Or do I want to find a balance where I can be healthy and not consumed by that and maybe have to buy some larger pants? I bought new pants.”

Her frankness and creating spaces to start necessary conversations and dialogue is one of the many reasons she’s a friend in my head.

Continue to inspire the women around you and live in your truth, Tracee!


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