Confederate Flag

Kimberly Jones told "Good Morning America" that because she lives in Tennessee, promoting the symbol of white supremacy in the United States is normal. OK girl.

Aunjanue Ellis is leading the way to dismantle a Southern symbol with a dark history.

Plus, BET's names new "Being Mary Jane" showrunner and Louisiana's "Blue Lives Matter" bill could make violence against the police a hate crime.

City found that the land donated to the hate group was unstable for a flagpole.

Putting the oppressive flag in the Civil War Museum isn’t cheap and state officials are not happy about the cost.

Sixty-one-year-old Marshall W. Leonard lit the device and threw it into the hallway of the store, warning an employee to run.

Scientists are saying this is the largest hominin fossil discovery like this in Africa.

Also, the director of the FBI is still deciding on whether to classify the Emanuel shooting as terrorism and China's stock prices reaped their biggest gains in six years.

The debate in South Carolina on whether or not to keep the Confederate flag visible to the public on state grounds has finally come to an end.

Also in today's round-up, Afghan officials meet with the Taliban for possible peace talks and the SC House of Representatives presides over the Confederate flag.