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As more and more Confederate flags seem to be coming down across the American South, some continue to keep popping up.

One of these new places being eyed was in close proximity to the HBCO Alabama State University, but thankfully that won’t be happening, the Tallahassee Tribune reported.

Earlier this week, the newspaper reported that Tallahassee Armory Guards, the First Capitol Flaggers and the local chapter of the Sons of Confederate were raising money to install a Confederate flag in a plot of land that had been donated to them by a local doctor, whose name wasn’t released to the media.

This same plot of land is across the highway from ASU.

However, city inspectors recently deemed the land as “unstable due to power line proximity,” Dana Jones, a founding member of the First Capitol Flaggers, told the Tribune. So no flag, but Jones said that won’t stop them.

“We are looking for someone to donate a piece of property that is big enough for a flag pole,” she says.

Good luck with that girl.

Not understanding why people objected to their plans, Jones insisted that the flag flying across from the HBCU was “not a slap in the face,” nor is it about celebrating slavery. Instead it’s about honoring the state’s “history making” legacy.

We are descendants of Confederate veterans. Our lives matter just as much,” she went on to say, blaming the media for misinterpreting the meaning of the flag. 

Yeah, she tried it.

Confederate history is one that is grossly entrenched in white supremacy, the ownership of Black bodies and segregation of the races.That legacy should be interrogated and dismantled, not protected and celebrated. But OK Dana.

[SOURCE: Tallahassee Tribune]


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