The former 'Scandal' actor only served a little over a month of his one year sentence.

The former "Scandal" actor can't seem to keep his hands off the women in his life.


Plus, Donald Trump denied visit to a N.C. civil rights museum after his campaign “bullied” staff and ColourPop apologizes for naming darker skin tones "Yikes" And "Typo."

Somehow the 'Scandal' actor has been able to avoid long-term rehab, and instead has found women to mate with.


Sigh. The news just continues to get worse for troubled actor Columbus Short. This time his legal woes have actually garnered him a jail sentence amongst other issues he has being facing as of late.   The once promising actor and former Scandal co-star just can’t seem to stay out of trouble and above the […]

We wish all of Columbus Short's issues could be resolved in an hour episode of "Scandal". Reportedly, the actor violated a condition of his three year parole having tested positive for cocaine and marijuana.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with #TeamBeautiful, Karrine opens up about her marriage to Columbus short and the photo she posted of his scattered belongings that went viral.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Columbus Short debuts a romantic video and song with his new wife.