The court order doubles the amount of money Williams will have to fork over to his ex-wife to care for their two children.

The entrepreneur accused her ex of not paying child support on Father's Day.

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Mama Kasa Ananti opens up about coping with the loss of her newborn son just two years ago.

The healthy baby girl was born 7lbs and 6oz on Monday.

The couple welcomed their son into the world early Friday morning.

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An African-American girl, who was only 10 years old, took her own life after severe bullying at a Colorado school in a horrific tragedy.

The singer revealed she plans to shave her head as her child fights the disease.

As a parent, nothing brings me more joy than taking pictures of my daughter. I literally have hundreds of pictures/videos of all her most precious moments and as a mommy blogger, I share them via social media sometimes. However, when Kyra Pringle decided to share a photo of her daughter, who has a rare Chromosome 2 […]

I was just reading an article that definitely struck a chord for me in terms of parenting tactics. Parents sometimes have trouble knowing how much to help out their child at certain times in their life, mistaking material possessions for love and kindness. What I’m going to explore here is: is it really bad to […]

The birth of a child can dramatically change the dynamics of a family – and its not always for the best. We know that disrupted nights, dirty diapers and feeding times can all be problematic in a family accustomed to its original routine, but some changes can be long term. Your baby’s daddy may hold […]

FROM SHEKNOWS.COM: Your to-do list is checked off, the camp paperwork is complete and the bags are packed — but have you prepared your child emotionally and behaviorally for a successful and fun camp experience?