celebrity big brother

We're all impatiently awaiting the next season of "Celebrity Big Brother" and if the cast is anything like this rumored list, we're in for a wild ride!

Tamar Braxton is making headlines again, but this time not for her Celebrity Big Brother beef, but a comment she made about her family dynamic on the show. Tamar revealed she allows her son Logan to sleep in the same bed as her and her Nigerian boyfriend who she calls T’Challa. “See Logan’s five. He […]

Omarosa Manigault and Keshia Knight Pulliam had a heated exchange over Bill Cosby and the president. It’s only been days since Omarosa stepped foot in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and she has already found herself in a sticky situation. With nothing but time on their hands, the contestants have a chance to get to […]

Isn't the former White House aide the same person that once told folks to bow down to #45?

Sisqo is a cast member on the latest installment of the UK reality tv series “Celebrity Big Brother,” a gameshow in which a group of contestants live in isolation from the outside world.