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After six rollercoaster seasons, John Singleton’s Snowfall has come to a graceful end. Franklin Saint (played masterfully by Damson Idris), Teddy, and Gustavo’s CIA-fueled operation that fueled the crack epidemic in Los Angeles, is over, and we’ll never look at cooking oil the same.

Franklin and his loyal friend Leon may have brought the crack business to the streets of South Central but they wouldn’t have reached kingpin status without the women in their lives who played pivotal roles in the success of their drug trade. From Cissy Saint to Veronique and Aunt Louie, these bad a** women characters gave their all to build an empire that came crashing down.

The curtain has closed but we will always remember the characters who captured our hearts with their storylines. Check out the bad a** women of Snowfall season six.

1. Aunt Louie

Angela Lewis in Snowfall episode 607 Source:FX

Angela Lewis became the world’s biggest villain with her sinister portrayal of Aunt Louie — the ambitious and iron-clad wife of Jerome “Unc.” And Angela doesn’t mind. “Villains are fun to play,” she told  Bossip in an exclusive interview.

Ahe added, “I’m not mad that people hate Louie, it was a collaboration of thought that I was part of for Louie to become a villain, so I’m not mad that people hate her,” Lewis told BOSSIP. “What upsets me is the lack of logic that people are using in their reasoning for hating Louie. People are mad that Louie had that crackhead cop put a gun on Franklin — but Franklin had a gun in Louie’s face two seconds before that so that doesn’t make sense to me. People are mad that Louie stole $73 million dollars from Franklin but that is not true. Teddy stole his money and Louie had nothing to do with it. For me, it’s the math. It’s like, are you watching the show?”

2. Wanda

Snowfall Episodic Images from Season 6 episode 5 "Ebony And Ivory" Source:FX

We saw tremendous growth throughout the seasons by Wanda, played passionately by Gail Bean. Wanda had seemingly succumbed to her crack addiction until she was forced to undergo drug rehab, which ultimately set her back on a path to a reformed lifestyle. Wanda and Leon trekked back to Africa in the final season in one of the most poignant TV episodes ever. In an interview with Bossip, Bean shared her emotional reaction to the upcoming final episode,

“I think it’s still surreal that we were part of something so large and so important to the culture,” Gail Bean added. “It’s still surreal but I’m pretty sure that during the finale I think am going to cry.”

Deadline reports, Wanda’s character will star in a new Snowfall spin-off series that chronicles South Central’s transition “out of the crack era into the gangster rap business.”

3. Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt as Cissy Saint in Snowfall episode 607 Source:FX

We thought Aunt Louie was the most hated TV character after her overzealous ways ultimately contributed to the decline of the Saint empire, and the death of Unc, but Cissy Saint may have taken that crown after sacrificing herself just a moment too soon. Played by Michael Hyatt, Cissy was loyal to her family and mostly her son Franklin. But at some point, it all has to come to an end. In an interview with Deadline, Michael discussed what fueled her decision to kill Teddy.

“As much as this is hard for a mother to let go, if you’re not going to get the drug out of your child’s hand then you can kill the drug dealer. This has to stop somewhere. When you have stripped away everything from somebody and you ask them to define what life means, it’s a different conversation. That’s where she is. As much as we fall in love with Franklin and this family, it was important to me and I think Cissy to understand that what is happening is so much bigger than us and it’s worth it.”

4. Devyn Tyler

Snowfall episodic images Source:FX

Veronique is stone-cold, down for her man, and about her coin, even if that means suggesting the unthinkable. Veronique is the definition of a ride-or-die for her man Franklin Saint. She roped in her mother on an elaborate scheme to retrieve Franklin’s $73 million and in it despite all the risks. 

5. Tamara Taylor

Snowfall Source:FX

Tamara Taylor made her debut on Snowfall season six as the mastermind with the plan to get back Franklin’s fortune, Cassandra Turner. Veronique brought her mother into the fold and together, they conspired to set up Teddy’s father and attempted to mend their mother-daughter relationship, which proved futile when she gave her daughter an ultimatum. 

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