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From excelling in a sport that had made her the greatest of all-time to creating a successful fashion line to being the most amazing mother in the world, it’s pretty clear that there’s really nothing that Serena Williams cannot do. And now she’s not even done.

On Friday (Nov. 8), the 23-time Grand Slam champ launched a new fine jewelry line, simply named Serena Williams Jewelry. It consists of roughly 70 pieces, ranging from draping necklaces to heart-shaped diamond studs to dog tags that spell out “winner.”

“I am obsessed with hearts,” Serena recently told Vogue. “If you go back and look at photos, pretty much all my matches—99% of the time—you see me wearing some sort of heart necklace.”

While she admitted that she’s not a jewelry designer, she told Vogue that she was very involved in the process.

“I spent hours looking at every single piece. I’d say, ‘Let’s change the chain on this’ or ‘Let’s do a herringbone here’ or ‘Let’s do more of a classic look for this or a different finish for that.’”

What she loves about her line the most is that her line can fit for any occasion, anywhere in the world.

“You don’t have to change pieces, but you can add pieces—something more bold, or more strong, or even something with a word on it—even if it’s a more delicate piece. It’s just about expressing yourself.”


Let me tell you…while it may be a little pricey, ranging from $299 to $10,000, this line is straight fire! Even better? Each piece is made from real gold or silver because she’s allergic to fake metals and the diamonds are all ethically sourced.

So to celebrate another Serena win, here are 13 of my favorite pieces in her collection.

Shop Serena’s line at Fred Meyers Jewelers here.

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