1. Nicki Minaj On The Set Of Myx Moscato Commercial

Nicki Minaj gets prettier every time we see her! The newly natural Barb shot a commercial for Myx Moscato (Mona Scott-Young’s alcoholic drink) and showed off her curves in a salmon pink bikini. In case you didn’t know, Nicki is the spokesmodel/woman for the flavored beverage. We are loving this new (old) Nicki! Check out pics from the shoot…

2. Nicki Minaj On The Set Of Myx Moscato Commercial

“Ain’t yelling cut when it’s shooting time”

3. Nicki Minaj On The Set Of Myx Moscato Commercial

As tasty as a watermelon!

4. Nicki Minaj On The Set Of Myx Moscato Commercial

Why is she so freakin’ hot?

5. Nicki Minaj On The Set Of Myx Moscato Commercial

Yasss hair!

6. Nicki Minaj On The Set Of Myx Moscato Commercial

Natural beauty

7. Nicki Minaj On The Set Of Myx Moscato Commercial

Cool shirt and dimple!

8. Nicki Minaj Posts More Selfies & We Can’t Get Enough!

Nicki Minaj is known for switching up her look, and this new natural look she’s been rocking is no different. Check out Nicki showing off her lovely features all over her IG. Werk, Nicki!

9. Nicki Poses Pretty

We see that middle part, girl. Werk!

10. Nicki Dressed In All Black

Nicki definitely looks amazing in this Alexander McQueen outfit.

11. Nicki Gazes On

Nicki’s manicure is also serving fierceness. Yes, hunty!

12. A Closeup Of Nicki’s Contour

We’re definitely in love with this polished natural look she’s been rocking for a little bit now.

13. Nicki Looks Under

The superstar’s lashes are fluttering!

14. Nicki’s Lovely Closeup

The superstar gives a nice smile to IG.

15. Nicki Gives Face

We’re truly in love with this simple makeup look that she completed with an Alexander McQueen gown.

16. Nicki Presenting With Her “The Other Woman” Castmates

Nicki had presenting duties at the MTV Movie Awards with her castmates.

17. Nicki and Her Glam Team

Nicki wouldn’t have her look without her glam squad.

18. Nicki And Her Castmates

Nicki makes time for her castmates, which include Cameron Diaz, from “The Other Woman.”

19. Nicki Gives Face With Cameron Diaz

Nicki and Cameron makes it FIERCE for IG!

20. Nicki Serves In McQueen

The star gives a sexy sleek pose in her gown.

21. Nicki Serves It All

Doesn’t she look fab, though? Seriously.

22. Nicki Waves To The Camera

The star plays it up with a castmate.

23. Nicki Serves Innocent Fierceness

We’re digging Nicki’s cat eye.

24. Nicki Dons All Black

Nicki kept it hot in L.A.

25. Nicki Adopts Another Nickname

Could this be another one of Nicki’s alter egos?

26. Nicki Keeps It Cute

Nicki remembers to serve on her ride over to the award show.

27. Nicki Gives A Sophisticated Pose

Nicki prepares to head out to the MTV Movie Awards.

28. Nicki’s Closeup

Nicki proves that all you need is a winged liner and simple blush.

29. Nicki Has A Fresh Face

Is she coming down with a fever?

30. Nicki Makes It Lovely

Nicki is staring back at us.

31. Nicki Poses For The Camera

Can we get those animal printed pants?

32. Nicki Does A Double Take

We’re here for this more natural Nicki.

33. Nicki Meets Miyah

Check out Miyah’s pink wig!

34. Hey Miyah!

How adorable…

35. Nicki & Miyah

The girls were all smiles as the hung out with each other.

36. Nicki Minaj

Nick showed John Wall’s jersey some love after he launched the campaign to get Miyah to Nicki.

37. Happy Birthday Micaihah

Nicki threw her brother a super lavish (but manly) Sweet 16! Check him out on his throne.

38. Micaiah’s Family

Nicki’s brother Micaihah’s family came out in full force.

39. Jelani, Micaihah & Nicki Minaj

Who knew Nicki had so many brothers… “They can take it all. Just leave me with these two. Jelani, my big brother…. Love of my life. LOVE of my life. He’s not flashy so him “casually” showing off a Rolex made me crack up. Nothing else matters if u don’t have the ppl who hold your heart right by your side,” she wrote.

40. Nicki Minaj

We love Nicki’s natural look!

41. Nicki, SB & Crew

Nicki’s rumored husband SB was in attendance.

42. Nicki’s Mother & Micaihah

Spitting images!

43. Micaihah & Friends

Micaihah’s day one crew!

44. Nicki Minaj & SB

Nicki is serving glam with her winged eyeliner.

45. Nicki Minaj & Co.

nicki minaj instadaily

Nicki Minaj celebrated her 10-year anniversary with (rumored fiance) Safaree “SB” Samuels in Cabo, Mexico! “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. #Year10,” she wrote on Instagram! We have to admit how much we’ve been feeling Nicki since she has been embracing her natural beauty by leaving the wigs and makeup in a box under her bed. Check out these pics from her vacay…

46. Nicki Minaj & Safaree

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. #Year10”

47. Nicki Minaj

Her bathing suit body is on point!

48. Nicki Minaj

Even Nicki falls while taking pics. “I was falling n @grizzleemusic just kept on shooting. Lol,” she wrote.

49. Nicki Minaj

There we go.

50. Nicki Minaj

And not a single care was given…

51. Nicki Minaj


52. Nicki Minaj

Life is a beach…

53. Nicki Minaj

Look back at it…

54. Cabo!

“So in love with Mexico. The place & the people. Good Morning.”

55. Nicki Minaj

I see you looking…

56. Nicki Minaj & Friends

Would you believe that “A bird swooped down, took Grizz’s chicken and fork, ate his chicken, flung the fork at us, then looked at Grizz and said “fuck u nigga”! I cried @grizzleemusic”

57. Nicki Minaj

The girls are out!

58. Nicki Minaj

Let me sign ya boobs!

59. Nicki Minaj

Coupled up

60. Nicki Minaj


61. Nicki Minaj

Au naturale!

62. Nicki Minaj

Nothing like a good winged eye liner.

63. Nicki Minaj

Back & white beauty.

64. Nicki Minaj

“Airport flow. Bakadabach”

65. Nicki Minaj


We don’t know much information about the new song and video Nicki Minaj is prepping, but we have two perky inclinations that it will be sexy! Nicki posted images from the secret shoot on her Instagram account showing off her natural hair, enhanced curves and new pasties. “Behind the scenes. Shot by @grizzleemusic,” she wrote. We wonder if the flicks are from the mixtape she’s been hinting at…

66. Nicki Minaj

Pose for the Gawds!

67. Nicki Minaj

How’s that natural hair holding up int he desert?

68. Nicki Minaj

Whip the ponytail, hunty!

69. Nicki Minaj

Are those Versace heels?

70. Nicki Minaj

We live!

71. Nicki Minaj

Serving high bun realness.

72. Nicki Minaj

Her skin is flawless!

73. Nicki Minaj

Curves for days

74. Nicki Minaj


75. Nicki Minaj

Playing with her ponytail

76. Nicki Minaj

Her jawline is everything!

77. Micaihah’s Cake

We’re guessing Micaihah likes basketball…

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