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This one is for the gents! Men’s self-care has seen a rise over the years, and they are taking the proper steps to prioritize self-care in their lives — from getting rest to enjoying fun and fulfilling hobbies in their spare time. While self-care is all about putting yourself first physically, emotionally, and mentally, taking care of your appearance is also essential.

Men have found their place in the grooming lane as the beauty industry continues to blossom. In fact, the boys are even sharing their cult-favorite finds and men’s self-care tips with like-minded folks online.

That said, the days of women complaining about men stealing their products are over. Guys have finally realized that women don’t corner the market on skincare. Now, they are giving their skin the TLC it needs and making strides to keep their grooming game in order via men’s self-care.

If you’re an avid HelloBeautiful reader, you know the drill! From beard oils to moisturizers, we’ve compiled a list of eight must-have men’s self-care products. Grab your credit card, secure a Wi-Fi connection, and prepare to virtually shop some of our favorites in the grooming space. Prepare to look and feel your very best. Happy Shopping!

All products have been independently selected by our contributors. Please note: we may receive an affiliate commission for products and services purchased through our website.

1. Aaron Wallace Revitalizing Facial Moisturizer

Aaron Wallace Revitalizing Facial Moisturizer Source:Aaron Wallace

Moisture is the name of the game. Keep your skin hydrated around the clock with the help of Aaron Wallace’s Revitalizing Facial Moisturizer ($26.00, This nourishing offering features a mix of botanical oils, French lavender, and mango Butter that seeps deep into your skin to keep your complexion soft and  balanced. 

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2. Bevel 2-In-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner

Bevel 2-IN-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner Source:Bevel

Healthy hair maintenance requires a solid hair care system. This is where Bevel’s 2-In-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner ($9.95, comes into play. This number offers the best of both worlds to cleanse your strands of dirt, oil, dandruff, and more, all without stripping your hair of oil. Plus, it hydrates your hair to leave you with soft strands. 

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3. Ceylon Skincare Razor Bump Gel

Ceylon Razor Bump Gel Source:Ceylove

No matter how much you follow a regular shaving schedule, sometimes it can feel like razor bumps are inevitable. Luckily, the days of suffering can officially be behind you. Ceylon Skincare’s Razor Bump Gel ($35, is formulated with men of color in mind to gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin to remove all signs of impurities while calming irritated skin. Apply it post-shaving, and you’ll be good to go.

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4. 103Collection Vegan Lavender & Lemongrass Beard Oil

103Collection Vegan Lavender & Lemongrass Beard Oil Source:103 Collection

Calling all bearded baes! We all know how important it is to make sure your beard connects and maintains a full, moisturized look. Get the job done with 103Collection’s Vegan Lavender & Lemongrass Beard Oil ($8.99, For less than $10, this oil quenches a third of dry beards, makes your facial hair more manageable, prevents breakage, and keeps your hair healthy. Plus, it’ll add a little sheen to your beard.

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5. Aba Love Apothecary Flower Crown Facial Serum

Aba Love Apothecary Flower Crown Facial Serum Source:Aba Love Apothecary

Beards need love but so does the rest of your face. Go the extra mile and add a facial serum to your routine to give your skin the royal treatment. Aba Love Apothecary’s Flower Crown Facial Serum ($81, may be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it. A little goes a long day with this product; it helps gently fade dark marks, calms redness and irritation, and improves the overall look of your complexion. 

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6. Boyface Daily Start Exfoliating Cleanser

Boyface Daily Start Exfoliating Cleanser Source:Boyface

Giving your skin the proper TLC is only possible by kicking things off with a facial cleanser. Cleansers work wonders to wash away dirt and impurities on the skin, encourage skin hydration, and help serums and moisturizers last. Boyface’s Daily Start Exfoliating Cleanser ($28.99, is no exception to the rule. This product combines a serum, moisturizer, and cleanser in one to cover all of the bases for effective skincare. 

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7. Frederick Benjamin Grooming Crown Control – Curl And Twist Cream

Frederick Benjamin Grooming Crown Control - Curl And Twist Cream Source:FREDERICK BENJAMIN GROOMING

Finding the right styling cream for your mane is no easy feat. Many products leave residue, scalp build-up, or excess grease behind. Not to mention, many creams fail to offer a hold that lasts from day to night. Luckily, Frederick Benjamin’s Grooming Crown Control – Curl And Twist Cream ($16, picks up all the slack and more. Not only does the cream add instant definition to curls, twists, and locs, it provides your mane with a non-flaky, matte finish and helps your hair look thicker. 

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8. Dove Men+Care Rough Dry Skin Comfort Replenishing Hand and Body Lotion

Dove Men+Care Rough Dry Skin Comfort Replenishing Hand and Body Lotion Source:Walmart

Last but certainly not least, we have Dove Men+Care Rough Dry Skin Comfort Replenishing Hand and Body Lotion ($6.48, This offering features a blend of plant-based moisturizers, shea butter, and a hydration boost that layers skin with up 48 hours of moisture. This skincare staple works wonders to keep dry skin at bay and healthy skin a priority.

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