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Maria Taylor is trending on Twitter after appearing on ESPN’s First Take where she shredded New Orleans Saint’s quarterback Drew Brees to smithereens without so much of a hair popping out of place.

If the NFL is the last thing on your mind, you may have missed Drew Brees’ statements when asked about his thoughts on players kneeling before the flag to which he responded, “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country.”

On a segment of First Take, Maria gave little grace to the super bowl shy player who has since apologized again.

“My patience left my body when I watched George Floyd take his last breath,” she said in her perfectly poised response. She questioned whether Brees had a change of heart or was simply changing his tune because he was dragged by the Internet.

Watch Maria’s read, below:

Black women aren’t angry, we’re passionate. We articulate ourselves with conviction, which makes us queens of reading a mo’fo for filth when necessary. In other words, approach with caution because if you can’t stand our heat, you will get burned.

As protests for the #BlackLivesMatter movement power on in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands knee of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, Black women have been approached for our opinions on racism and how it plagues the Black community.

From Maria Taylor, who is trending on Twitter for ripping Drew Brees’ shallow apology apart in to Black women protestors tapped in the middle of the street and a few celebs in between, these Black women said what needed to be said.

1. PhyVe-‘Nellie

International dancer PhyVe-‘Nellie went viral after her ABC 7 appearance hit popular news blog @TheNeighborhoodTalk2 where its received over 1,000 comments about how she handled an officer who approached her while she was talking to the newscaster. “It’s power in numbers today. We want unity today.”

2. Nina Parker

E! host Nina Parker made a passionate plea to those calling themselves white allies to speak up or remain complicit when silent.”Racists are really loud so if you don’t agree with that, why are you silent?” The people who hate me are loud as f*ck,” she said during virtual episode of “Nightly Pop.” “If you do not agree with how people are treated…I need you to say something.”

3. Young Miami

As problematic and controversial as Caresha, a.k.a Young Miami is, we share her sentiments on the horrific killing of George Floyd. Whereas her fellow Miami rapper Trina got it wrong, calling Black protestors “animals,” Caresha took to her platform to speak against anyone who could watch the footage of George Floyd being killed and not feel empathic. “We tired. We talking about police killing innocent men and taking people away from they sons for no reason like, if I go to the store and I got $20 and you feel like my $20 is fake, that shouldn’t cause me losing my life,” she passionately said on Instagram live. 

4. KeKe Palmer

KeKe Palmer made headlines this week for her triumphant speech at the LA protests when she schooled a member of the National Guard and encouraged him to march with the people. At one point, the guard takes a knee to symbolize his solidarity with the movement. 

5. NYC Mother

Another gem found on @TheNeighborhoodTalk2 comes from this Black woman, who was stopped mid-protest. “I’m a Black mother and a social studies teacher and I’m raising a Black son in America so I have no choice no choice but to fight and walk.” When asked about the protests turning into riots that turned into looting, the unknown woman “The government gave $1200 to people to survive on in March. What you thought was gon’ happen?” She added,  “This is what sick and tired looks like.”

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