1. Cinco de Yummo

There’s nothing like celebrating a holiday with FOOD! With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, I wanted to provide you with a few different recipes (not your average tacos, nachos or guac) for the holiday. Check out these delicious recipes!

2. Ceviche

There’s nothing yummier than fresh fish, lime juice and LIQUOR! Check out this delish ceviche recipe!

3. Pork Tenderloins

There’s a ways to make pork tenderloin even more tender! Infuse it with some liquor! Check out this recipe!

4. Chicken Quesadilla

Please everyone with a crispy, cheesy quesadilla dinner rounded out with chunky salsa and fresh guacamole! Check out this recipe:

5. Chilaquiles

Oh my goodness, I love this recipe. It has a lot of ingredients, but the resulting chili sauce is rich and robust, and it is so delicious served over crispy tortillas with creamy queso blanco and lime cream. Mmmmm. Check out the recipe:

6. Guacamole

Everyone needs a good guacamole recipe on hand. Feel free to make this yours! Check out the recipe:

7. Jalapeno Chips

Crispy and spicy, these “chips” make the perfect party treat or side dish for any fun meal.
Check out the recipe:

8. Mango Salsa

Mango, avocado, cilantro. Is this salsa Mexican or is it Asian? Depends on what you serve it with! Pair it with Citrus-Sesame Salmon for an Asian twist, or tortilla chips and Tripp’s Fish Tacos to say “olĂ©”! Check out the recipe:

9. Nachos Alfresco

Nachos don’t have to be a huge pile of messiness. They can be light, crispy, cheesy, spicy and flavorful, like these fresh ingredient nachos that are an easy way to put a fun dinner on the table. Check out the recipe:

10. Spicy Black Bean Corn Salsa

Spicy and fresh, this is a perfect side dish for taco night or an easy “chips and dip” appetizer. Check out the recipe:

11. Tres Leche Cake

How can you make this dessert taste more sinful? Add liquor! Check out this drunken tres leche cake recipe!

12. Shrimp Tortilla Soup

This recipe is everything you would expect from a delicious tortilla soup but with shrimp instead of chicken. It’s super delish! Check out the recipe:

13. Chile Relleno

I love this recipe, what more can I say? Check out this recipe:

14. Shrimp & Chips

Freshen up your fiesta flavors with spicy-cool ceviche and al fresco nachos. Dinner never tasted so bueno! Check out the recipe:

15. 7 Layer Dip

There are easier versions of this favorite dip, but I love the flavors that fresh cilantro and roasted poblanos add. Check out this recipe:

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