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Tamron Hall Halloween Costume

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It’s Halloween, and we couldn’t be more excited!  While most people are looking forward to the parties, the haunted houses, the candy, and whatnot – we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the epic celebrity costumes!  In the past, celebrities have wowed us with their creative renditions of movie characters, other celebrities, etc.  So it’s only right for us to expect them to turn their Halloween costume swag up 1,000 more times this year.

A few celebrities have jumped ahead of the game and have posted their Halloween looks to their Instagram pages already, and if this is how they are coming for Halloween 2021 – we are in for a real treat (or trick)!  From model Tabria Majors’ amazing recreation of Ciara’s throwback videos and looks to rapper Nia Kay as rapper The Brat herself, these celebrities are slaying Halloween…and it’s only right we give them their props.  Check out the celeb costumes that have us in a trance below!

1. Bryon Javar as Dennis Rodman

Shout out to celebrity stylist Bryon Javar for taking us back to this 1996 epic wedding picture of Dennis Rodman.  Bryon nailed this look from the hair on down to the dress.  Two snaps and a clap for Bryon’s costume for sure! 

2. Lizzo as Dani Ardor from the horror film ‘Midsommar’

We are not sure if Lizzo was heading to a Halloween party, but if she was – she killed it!  This black, gray, and white floral look by Thom Browne screams stylish spooky! 

3. Natalie Nunn as Lil Kim

This famous Lil Kim 1999 VMA’s look never gets old! When celebrity stylist Misa Hylton put this look on Lil Kim that day, we are sure she had no idea she was making history! The Bad Girls Club star absolutely slaughtered this look!  

4. Megan Thee Stallion as Hellraiser

There is no doubt that Megan Thee Stallion is definitely raising hell as the Hellraiser in this costume.  Wow!  Leave it up to Megan to make a scary character look absolutely sexy!  From her outfit to her makeup, she ate!

5. Tamron Hall as Cardi B

And the winner is….Tamron Hall! We know Cardi B has to be somewhere tickled by this costume because Tamron worked this look!  She did an excellent job of portraying a pregnant Cardi B at the BET awards.  Some of her followers even thought she was pregnant!  If we had a top 5 costume list for 2021, this would definitely be on it.   

6. Tabria Majors as Ciara

Tabria Majors made our mouths drop with her rendition of “Goodies” and 1″, 2 Step” by Ciara.  She nailed every part of these videos, and we are still in awe of her dancing skills.    

7. Chloe Bailey As Lola From “Shark Tale”

Chloe Bailey looked stunning in this super sexy, cut-out, sheer body suit as she channeled Lola from “Shark Tale.”

8. Lil’ Mama As Cam’ron

Lil’ Mama took it up to Harlem, NY as she channeled rapper Cam’ron of the rap group Dipset. She wore Cam’s signature pink hooded fur jacket and of course, rocked it with the hood up over her head. Underneath, she wore a pink fur bikini and pink stiletto booties. Even though the rapper said that some people mistook her for Lil’ Kim (lol), she still turned heads with this sexy take on the classic Cam’ron look. 

9. Gizelle Bryant As Vanessa Williams

If anybody understood the assignment it’s Gizelle Bryant, who made a guest appearance on “The Real” today as former Miss America, Vanessa Williams. Gizelle channeled Vanessa in the best way by wearing a sequined gown, Miss America crown, and carried flowers as a true pageant winner would. 

10. The Cast Of “The Real”

Speaking of “The Real,” the hosts completely outdid themselves with their Halloween costumes this year! Jeannie Mai went as a pregnant Kim Kardashian from a previous Met Gala, Adrienne Bailon channeled a pregnant Cardi B, Garcelle Beauvais was Octamom, and Loni Love channeled Lil’ Nas X when he posed as pregnant for his Montero album announcement! 

11. Saweetie As Halle Berry In “Catwoman”

Saweetie crushed it with this theatrical take on Catwoman. But what makes her costume so amazing is the hilarious social media skit she put together with Halle Berry herself. In the short clip, Saweetie is seen walking on the roof of a building in her Catwoman suit when she’s confronted by Halle Berry, who played Catwoman in the 2004 movie by the same name. The ladies have an intense staredown for a couple of seconds before Halle gives Saweetie the OK to “get her coins” as Catwoman. 

12. Kandi As A Green Witch

Kandi really does this Halloween thing because she kills it every time! This year the singer went full-on Hollywood makeup when she transformed into an all-green witch. She took us behind the scenes of complete transformation and it’s clear that she’ll be turning heads wherever she goes! 

13. Ciara As Selena

Ciara channeled the late Selena for Halloween and killed it when she gave us a spot of performance of Selena’s “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” in front of a virtual green screen that gave us all the feels! 

14. Megan Thee Stallion As Cruella de Vil

Megan Thee Stallion killed it with this sexy take on Cruella de Vil. The rapper wore a two-toned black and white wig, a black and white bodysuit, and Cruella’s signature long black and white fur coat. Of course, Meg’s nails were on point and featured black and white dalmatian print to match her black and white hair and bodysuit. 

15. Winnie Harlow As Grace Jones

Has Winnie Harlow just won Halloween? The supermodel posed for the ‘Gram as Grace Jones and she. killed. it. Wearing nothing but white body paint and a teeny tiny wire bikini, Winnie channeled Grace Jones by paying homage to one of her most iconic looks and perfectly embodied the look from head to toe! 

16. Lizzo As Baby Yoda

Lizzo As Baby Yoda

Lizzo went all out as Baby Yoda and she nailed it! In a series of pictures shared to Instagram, the “Truth Hurts” singer donned full green makeup from head to toe and topped her costume off with Yoda’s signature pointy ears and adorable eyes! “CEO OF 🥺 FOR HALLOWEEN… GROGU LOVE MACAROONIS BUT CRAZY LAST NIGHT GOT 🥺,” she captioned the pic. Looks like someone had a great kickoff to Halloween weekend! 

17. Porsha Williams And Friends As Rock, Paper, Scissors

Porsha Williams tapped her besties for an adorable group costume that has all of us laughing. The trio went as rock, paper, scissors, with Porsha dressing up as a rock, Shamea as scissors, and their friend, Shari, as paper. The ladies struck a few poses for their Instagram feeds and showed off their sexy takes on the classic game. 

18. Kaavia James Wade As Adele

Kaavia James Wade As Adele

Gabrielle and Dwayne Wade’s baby girl Kaavia dressed as singer Adele for Halloween and it’s probably the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!  The tiny tot wore Adele’s signature black and white off-the-shoulder gown and struck a pose while her mama flicked it up for the “Gram. 

19. Yung MIami As Aaliyah In “Queen of the Damned”

Yung Miami definitely understood the Halloween assignment in this “Queen of the Damned” costume. The rapper channeled the late singer Aaliyah from the 2002 film and took to Instagram to show off her look alongside the real image of Aaliyah from the movie. Did she nail it?

20. Cardi B As Morticia Addams

Cardi B completely transformed into Morticia Addams for Halloween and she absolutely nailed it. Wearing a lace black dress, the rapper donned pale makeup, a bright red lip, and Morticia’s signature long pointy nails. 

21. Reginae Carter As Lil’ Kim

Reginae Carter (or Lil’ Nae) took us back to the 1990s with this remake of this classic Lil’ Kim photo wearing a leopard bikini and red fur coat.  

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