While most people are looking forward to the parties, the haunted houses, and the candy - we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the epic celebrity costumes! 

We had to do a double take on several of these costumes - they were that good!

From a superhero to a cheerleader Barbie, we rounded up all of the celebs who got into the Halloween spirit early!

The Queen Bee adored how Queen Bey slayed her photo spread saluting the iconic rapper.

The reality star, whose husband and children are Black, says they doesn't see color in their house. Girl, bye.

When you think of two men on opposite sides of the physical spectrum, LeBron James and Prince are up there in terms of distance. But LeBron proved that inside his huge, athletic stature is a small, beautiful-faced singer just waiting to get out. The NBA star dressed up as Prince for Halloween this year, and […]