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Another day, another beauty product launch. It seems like every other day, our favorite brands are flooding the market with new items, improved formulas, and fun campaigns. And if you’re not constantly scrolling through social media or following beauty influencers, you can miss your latest beauty obsession.

Fortunately, beauty brands give me a heads-up about their products so I can inform readers why they should add them to their beauty routine. I get to sample the products firsthand, and most times, they become a staple during my glam sessions. Most of my beauty obsessions come through sampling products, which is often highlighted with a review on HelloBeautiful. For example, Nars was my go-to foundation until Smashbox gifted me their Always On foundation. I loved it so much that it earned a Melanin Award for Best Foundation in 2023.

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Shopping for beauty products can become overwhelming. It can be challenging to keep up with all the trends, new products, and evolving techniques that happen in the industry. So, if you need guidance on navigating the beauty world’s must-have products, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve done all the heavy lifting, i.e. learning about the products, testing them, and using them.

Every now and then, great products slip through the cracks because I don’t have the capacity to write a review – but I’ve found a solution. Every month, I’m giving the 411 on all things beauty. I will compile a list of products, new and old, that you should have on your radar. It’s time to grab your credit cards and get your “add to cart” fingers ready. Here are seven beauty products I can’t stop talking about.

Our editors have independently selected all products. Please note: we may receive an affiliate commission for products and services purchased through our website.

7 Beauty Products You Need In Your Makeup Bag

1. Laura Mercier’s Translucent Powder

Laura Mercier beauty products Source:Laura mercier

Finding the right setting powder sometimes feels like a science project. I’ve always gravitated towards light-colored powders, but during a glam session with Carol’s Daughter, I learned how effective different color-setting powders can be.

I’ve been using Laura Mercier’s translucent powder in Deep Medium to align with my skin tone. With lighter powders, I noticed creasing under the eye, requiring me to touch up my makeup constantly. And if I couldn’t do a touch-up, I’d look like I had zebra stripes under my eyes. Not only did Laura Mercier’s translucent powder negate the creasing, but it promoted a solid finish that minimized touch-ups.


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2. Laura Mercier’s Real Flawless Weightless Concealer

Laura Mercier beauty products Source:Laura mercier

The key to a great concealer is a weightless formula that prioritizes coverage. A good beauty beat can require layers of products, including your skincare routine, primer, color corrector, and foundation. Laura Mercier’s weightless concealer feels light on the skin, has great coverage, and adds hydration while providing a bright, smooth canvas.

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3. Makeup Revolution’s Skin Silk Serum Foundation

Makeup Revolution Source:Makeup Revolution

Beauty brands are prioritizing lighter, hydrating formulas that nourish the skin while providing adequate coverage. And for the makeup girlies who like a light, dewy glow, you’ll love Makeup Revolution’s Skin Silk Serum Foundation.

The foundation is formulated with hyaluronic and peptide complexes, plumping and hydrating your complexion and promoting a healthy, natural glow.

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4. Colourpop’s Blush Stix

Colourpop Blush Stix Source:Colourpop

Blush is a staple product in my makeup routine, whether I’m going for a “no makeup” makeup look or full-on glam. It highlights the cheekbones while creating a slight depth to the face. And because Colourpop’s Blush Stix are so lightweight, the buildable formula gives you space to execute the kind of look you want.


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5. Lashify’s Lash Extension System

Lashify Lash Extension System Source:Lashify

Get ready to elevate your lash game with Lashify’s Lash Extension System. The brand entered the beauty scene in 2018 and has evolved our approach to lash extensions.

The Lashify kit comes with your choice of vegan and cruelty-free Gossamer® lashes, developed to be worn under the lash line instead of on top. It also includes bonds to help secure the lashes in place and fuse control wands that mirror the arc of your lashes.

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6. Secret Whole Body Deodorant

Secret Deodorant X third Love event Source:Third Love

Secret’s Whole Body Deodorant is a game-changer for folks who want to mask unwanted smells that pop up during inconvenient times. Unwanted body odor is embarrassing to navigate, and that’s why Secret developed a product that boasts 72-hour protection against the bacteria that breeds unwanted stenches. 

Use it under your arms, on your private parts, under your boobs, or on your feet – pretty much anywhere on your body that generates an odor. The pH balancing minerals fight the bacteria that creates the odor, providing your body with protection.

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7. The Lip Bar’s Prototype Botanical Lip Oil

The Lip Bar The Prototype Botanical Lip Oil Source:TLB

There’s been an influx of lip oils that have hit the market in recent years. And while some of them are good, none get the job done, like The Lip Bar’s Prototype Botanical Lip Oil.

A lip oil lies somewhere between a nourishing lip balm and a pigmented lip gloss. Their purpose is to provide nutrients and hydration to the lips while adding a nice finishing touch to your makeup look. The Lip Bar’s lip oil comes in 4 great colors that translate across all skin types.

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