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Halloween 2021 has come and gone, but the impact the celebrities left this year will definitely have us talking for a while.  This spooky season was nothing short of epic when it came to costumes.  We saw some of everything flash across our social media timelines from villains to animated characters, but what impressed us the most was celebrities dressing up as and impersonating other celebrities.

It is amazing to see celebrities and their teams get creative and transform themselves entirely into another celebrity.  These costumes are the best because not only do they entertain us, they also pay homage to the celebrity and in most cases, take us back to a certain day and time during a nostalgic era.  If you were engulfed in some of your own Halloween activities this weekend and happened to miss a few celebrity costumes that were posted on social media, we’ve got you covered.  Get into the celebrities below who completely wowed us by dressing up as other notable celebrities.

1. Nick Cannon as Steve Harvey

Nick Cannon had us holding our sides laughing at his costume and impersonation of Steve Harvey.  From the big personality to the gaudy, oversize suit, perfect mustache and teeth – Nick Cannon gets an A+ for his Halloween 2021 costume.  

2. Marlo Hampton as Whitney Houston

Child we had to do a double take when Marlo Hampton posted her Halloween costume to her Instagram page.  She embodied the iconic Whitney Houston from the “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” 1998 video, and do we even have to say that get carried out the assignment perfectly?!  Her entire looked was almost identical to Whitney’s and even the set matched the set on Whitney’s video.  Marlo did that! 

3. Offset as Rick James

Offset tickled us Rick James. His dance moves were hilarious!  The Rick James wig was on point and of course the outfit was totally Rick’s swag.  We absolutely were entertained by this costume!   

4. Kaavia James as Adele

Thanks for stealing our hearts this Halloween Kaavia! Leave it to this brilliant toddler to slay Halloween 2021.  Who would have thought to dress up as Adele?  This look is perfection and Adele should be flattered by how this child nailed it.  Kaavia definitely delivered! 

5. Yung Miami as Aaliyah

Did someone conjure up our girl Aaliyah because this has to be her! Yung Miami really slayed the Queen of the Damned costume that was once worn by the great Aaliyah in the movie.  From the eyes to the entire getup, Yung Miami carried out this assignment quite well.    

6. Latto as Faith Evans

This one took us back to that epic 90’s era, and we are grateful to Latto for giving us this moment.  You have to give this queen her props because she ate this entire Halloween look up!  Everything was perfect about this.  Even the makeup and hair color was on point! Latto was Faith Evans for sure!

7. Latto as Naomi Campbell

Latto didn’t stop at Faith Evans.  She kept giving the Halloween heat with her own rendition of Naomi Campbell’s playboy shoot.   We love it! 

8. Latto as Mariah Carey

Latto had time this Halloween because she kept it coming with the costumes.  She channeled Mariah Carey with this look, and of course she was on point! 

9. Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash had us all swooning over her Halloween 2021 costume.  Her and her boo showed up as Kelly Rowland and Nelly in their popular 2002 song and video “Dilemma”.  They were totally on point!   

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