Mented Cosmetics' Brow Pencil


Mented Cosmetics’ Brow Pencil

By: Shamika Sanders

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Mented Cosmetics' Brow Pencil

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Every so often I grow tired of my dip brow. As a woman who draws on her brows daily, cleaning my brow brush and shaping my brows with a pomade gets tiring and I want something simple with the same effects. That’s where brow pencils come in. I was on set filming “Listen To Black Women” when I was introduced to Mented Cosmetics Brow Pencil.

My makeup sessions always go the same way. I start by providing a few key things about me, “My skin is super oily and I’m sensitive about my brows.” Lol. So when my makeup artist, Keys Rebelle, passed me a handheld mirror to view my finished look, I was nervous my brows wouldn’t be right. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how realistic my brows looked thanks to the Mented Cosmetics tried and true brow pencil.

“I’m obsessed with Mented Cosmetics brow pencils because they are waterproof, has a precision point and lasts for up to 10 hours. It’s easy to use and you get your desired brow look in minutes. They also have brow shades for all skin tones,” said Keys.

What I loved the most about Mented Cosmetics brow pencil is the precision tip gives the appearance of realistic hair-like strokes. Obviously, it’s also in the technique, but I loved how the pencil glided over my skin and lasted well throughout filming until later that day. And if you’re looking to save a few dollars (popular brow pomades run north of $22), Mented Cosmetics brown pencil is $14.99.

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