HD Lace Front Brazilian Deep Wave Wig

By: Shamika Sanders

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From an upstate wedding where I partied under a tent on the grass into the night, to the 2023 VMAs red carpet, NYFW, and a beach wedding in Cancun, I was outside this summer and feeling myself. All these events have one thing in common — a wig that lasted through it all. Mayvenn’s Virgin Brazilian Deep Wave Wig lasted through five installs, which included frolicking poolside, lots of heat, and manipulation, and the lace did not waver.

I immediately fell in love with the defined waves and texture of the Virgin Brazilian Deep Wave Wig. Despite multiple installs, the lace did not rip and maintained its shape. The wig was easily customizable during the plucking and bleaching of the knot process thanks to the HD lace. I love that this wig comes with wig combs making it adjustable and a 13×4 frontal because it allows for multiple parts because who wants to have to choose between a middle or side part when you can have both or no part?

“Mayvenn’s HD Lace Wigs offer the same generous 13×4 parting space as their classic lace frontals, but the upgraded lace material is truly the standout,” said Brittany Johnson, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Mayvenn.

“HD lace features a thinner, more transparent finish, making it easier to blend in with a variety of skin tones and lay more seamlessly against the scalp. Customizations are easier to achieve and styling and application time are simplified, all because of the versatility of the wigs – think seven textures and lengths ranging from a flowing 16″ to a mid-back 24″.”

If you’re looking for an HD lace wig around the price point of $300, Mayvenn’s HD lace wigs are great bang for your buck while looking your best.

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