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Sometimes our favorite movies to watch are ones we know have no chance of ever winning any kind of awards. No tea. No shade. Maybe it’s bad acting or a storyline that just doesn’t make sense, but whatever the flaws may be, we just can’t stop ourselves from enjoying every second.

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Well cheers to guilty pleasures! This weekend, let’s curl up with movies we love to hate and hate to love!

Soul Plane

In 2004, director Jessy Terrero brought together Kevin Hart (a new talent at the time), Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Mo’Nique and Tom Arnold for a hilarious trip aboard a Black-owned airlines maiden voyage. This movie is bad on so many levels, but has some of the most quotable scenes in comedy. Who could forget the tryst John Witherspoon has with the baked potato?! (86 min., R)


Directed by Robert Townsend and starring Halle Berry, this 1997 film is so over-the-top bad, it’s good. The second Halle flashes her megawatt smile, dotted with random gold caps, you know you’re in for a hot mess. Two ghetto fabulous friends head to L.A. to make it big as video dancers, and then they meet a dying millionaire. By the end, they are transformed into B.A.P.S., Black American Princesses. (91 min., PG-13)

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