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Christmas is here and one of my favorite things to do during this season is watch holiday movies! This week as you have family and friends over to celebrate, get some extra spirit in the house with these Christmas classics! From a black and white oldie but goodie to a raunchy dark comedy, Santa has something for everyone on this list!

It’s a Wonderful Life

In 1946 Jimmy Stewart starred in what would become one of the biggest Christmas movies of all time. A down on his luck good guy gets help from an Angel trying to earn his wings and saves a town. (130 min., no rating)

A Christmas Story

All little Ralphie wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder B.B gun. The hard part is convincing his family or Santa for it. Filmed in the 80’s but set in the 40’s this hilarious movie unveils the awkward and heart warming sides of Christmas. (94 min., PG)

Love Actually

Since it’s debut in 2003, this British romantic comedy has become a cult classic. Starring some of the UK’s biggest actors, Love Actually follows the love lives of 8 couples as they navigate through their romantic lives at Christmas. This heartwarmer will have you pulling out the tissue’s! (135 min., R)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Fun and whimsical, this Tim Burton Film is a great one for kids and adults alike. The King of Halloween, Jack Skellington, discovers Christmas town! (76 min., PG)

Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton does a helluva job playing a bitter conman in this ’03 dark comedy. While he starts off trying to pose as Santa to rob department stores, but things change when begins to care for a neglected child. Bernie Mack as the head of security is a great bonus to this funny film! (91 min., R)

What are your favorite holiday movies?


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