Aunt Jackie's knot on my watch instant detangling therapy zoomed in.


Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch

BY Esther Akutekha

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Aunt Jackie's knot on my watch instant detangling therapy zoomed in.

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One thing about me – I hate combing my hair. It’s a tedious process I rarely have the time or patience for, especially when it gets super tangled. I do however find it gets a bit easier with the right products. Aunt Jackie’s Knot on My Watch is the best detangler for curly hair.

Aunt Jackie’s Knot on My Watch – Instant Detangling Therapy ($8.99, lives up to the claims that it “softens, helps restore moisture balance, eliminates knots and tangles.” After a couple of tries on both wet and dry hair, this detangler not only makes was day easier, it nourishes your kinks.

This creamy concoction is perfect for natural hair textures that often get tangled and doubles as a refresher if you like to use it in between washes on dry hair to restore its moisture. I personally prefer to use it on my dry hair, because that’s when my strands need the most help getting a comb to pass through.

Best Detangler For Curly Hair

a dollop of Aunt Jackie’s goes a long way. And the product is even more effective when paired with a wide-tooth comb. I recommend using the Tangle Teezer Naturally Curly Hair Brush crafted especially for curly hair. The instructions also warn you not to fight with the comb and instead add more product until the comb glides through easily and I can confirm that method really helps. What a blessing for a tender head like mine!

Key ingredients in this custard are shea butter and olive oil which boast moisture and shine properties. I use this detangler are a rescue for my parched tresses especially when I need a trim and after I take out a protective braided style. And that’s when my hair is most tangled and hard to comb through. Naturalistas swear by this product for good reason. It’s easy on your hair and on your pocket at the budget-friendly cost of $10.95 for a 12 oz bottle.

For a curly like me, Knot on My Watch is a must-have!

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