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The world is abuzz about the latest tidbits of information to emerge from this story. Here is just a sample of the reactions of BlackPlanet members.

SwtChocLady3 says, “I am not too shocked to hear that Chris would put his hands on a woman; he seems a little ‘weak’ for a ‘man’. ONLY a weak man will THINK about touching a woman.”

stlma914 says, “this is what is wrong with our community in this day and time now, we try so hard to fit in and do what everyone else is doing, we need to find ways to work with one another not against each, why cant you any of you negative posters see that there is two sides to the story, we have watched chris grow and develop in front of our eyes, what would the comments have been yesterday, if the headlines stated HE had been killed in a domestic violence altercation? everyday some man is physically, verbally, and mentally abused, we cower our men down and make them hold inside their feelings until they explode then everyone get mad and calls him a punk or an abuser, just sit back wherever you are right a this very moment and think how that young boy is feeling right now, think about how right now he is afraid, his endorsements are gone, his whole family’s way of life may be changing all for a girl, and miss rihanna she is sitting back bragging, when the dust clears she haild as a hero and chris is a looser when we the fans are losers because the true artist we did not support or even try to see things from his perspective!”

imd1_2003 says, “That’s a damn shame…..He needs to try that with men and see what happens. Never put your hands on a woman Bro’!!”

Most likely the story has a few twists and turns left. Stay updated here.

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