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The sheer brilliance of light first celebrated in nature, is now harnessed by man to facilitate healing and beautiful skin.

What if I told you that in one minute or less a flashing light treatment would reduce sun damage, hyper pigmentation and even wrinkles? What if I also told you… it doesn’t burn, sting, or hurt and can be used by just about anyone without any side effects?  I’m sure at that point you’d have many questions, so here goes…

This machine is called GentleWaves®. It runs on several tiny LED bulbs which flash and emit a special prescriptive dose of light. The dose of light speaks directly to the billions of cells in your body that once activated can heal, restore or regenerate skin. This technology first developed in space to grow plants uses a process similar to photosynthesis, turning on collagen production from the inside out.   GentleWaves was the first LED machine FDA cleared to reduce wrinkles and sun damage. Since then it has proven to be the ultimate workout for your skin; with many companies unsuccessfully attempting to copy the action of the GentleWaves unit.

Let’s talk aged and sun-damaged skin… We all know it usually manifests into wrinkles, dark spots or unevenly textured skin.  The main culprit of aging is UVA rays which go deep into the skin; damaging the collagen and elastin cells that keep the skin plump and tight. The result is similar to the drooping or caving of an old mattress.

While the light stimulates collagen growth from the inside, the collagen fills in the empty spaces and smoothing out the mattress from the bottom up. This helps to  level out the wound or wrinkle while re-texturing skin facilitating beautiful looking skin again.  It is so amazing my students have named it “the precious”.  This is no miracle cure however, to maintain this new look requires daily use of sunscreen and not repeating the lifestyle choices that caused the damage in the first place.

One final note: this technology is revolutionary because just about anyone can use it, the whole treatment takes under a minute to perform and it does not burn, hurt or excite melanin in darker skin types.  If you have been battling hyper pigmentation, after eight or so treatments you will see results. Originally only available in the doctor’s office at about $100 or more per treatment, now you can find it at spas or in esthetic practices nationwide at about half the price.  Most places offer a series where you pay for seven treatments and get the eighth one free.  Do not have this service if you are pregnant or either prone to migraines or seizures, the blinking light could stimulate a reaction; otherwise this is a brilliant treatment. Watch the video where I perform a treatment in class, if you have questions, send them to me on twitter .  Until next time, Seven

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