While we always encourage experimentation in fashion, men in skirts just doesn’t quite do it for us. Maybe someone should let H&M and Kid Cudi know that.

First Cudi was spotted proudly wearing a kilt at a Miami New Years Eve performance. Normally we would write this off as an eccentric show of fashion experimentation. High fashion designers have been showing skirts in their menswear collections since the dawning of the runway. Entertainers are dabbling more than even in the “artistic” pretenses of high fashion looks (hello Lady Gaga), and we were fine with filing the rapper away in that neat little file.

Now, however, it seems that the man-skirt is set to  infiltrate mainstream society in a big way.

According to Shine, H&M has added pleated skirts to its Spring 2010 menswear collection. Yes. Knee length, pleated, skirts. We vote no.

The entire line seems to have a feminine flair to it. According to Shine,

The spring 2010 look book for mass retailer H&M has some very surprising pieces for men. Like fringe jackets, tie-dye scarves, harem pants, and, um, skirts, to name a few. Sure Marc Jacobs himself can pull off a skirt, but can you picture even the most fashionably daring men you know seeking out and wearing a skirt from H&M?

So what do you think ladies; will you be buying your partner a skirt this Spring?

Take a look at the new line here and tell us what you think.

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