Show off your legs while enjoying the beautiful, warm weather.

Spring is here and while the weather won’t yet permit you to wear a miniskirt, you can surely take full advantage of the maxi skirt trend. To avoid looking frumpy, choose form-fitting styles or wear them with your best heel. Chris Brown Apologizes For “GMA” Incident How Many Times Should A Black Man Apologize? 12 […]

The right skirt shape does wonders for your butt, legs, hips, waist—and confidence! Here are our best picks for however you’re built. If you’re plus-size: Go for sexy pencil skirts that sleeken but don’t squeeze (who wants that?). Check out size-14 Muslimah Shabazz, 27, in this classic style—hot, hot, hot! You want sleek, curvy lines, […]

Rihanna wore a gray maxi skirt while rehearsing for “Good Morning America” recently, reminding us all that, with fall well under way and winter coming soon, it’s time to cover up our legs. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be sexy. Here are some body-conscious maxi skirts all for under $50! 10 Gold Pendant […]

What better to inspire a mini-skirt post than the hot and humid weather outside? Simply put, stop hiding your legs! 1. Because it’s practical around this time of year. 2. Because you can look sexy, and not slutty, for cheap! Just check these skirts out! SOURCE GALLERY: 16 Color-Block Clothing Items For Your Closet! Rihanna’s […]

While we always encourage experimentation in fashion, men in skirts just doesn’t quite do it for us. Maybe someone should let H&M and Kid Cudi know that.