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Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve seen two different schools of thought developing when it comes to what people think about the media’s recent acknowledgment of and fascination with black love. Every magazine you pick up has a picture of our President and First Lady on the cover looking like they’re so in love, and I think everyone appreciates the bond that is evident between these two… but what do you think about the way the media is handling it? Based on comments I’ve seen on our site and others, basically people fall one way or the other.

Group A is just happy that it’s finally our time to shine. After so much negative press, the media is finally putting positive black images in front of the masses. As long as it’s positive they say keep it coming and want to enjoy the ride till the wheels fall off!

Group B is tired of the media acting like Barack and Michelle are the first black couple that’s been married and in love with a father in the home since the fictional Cosby Show….

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