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After months of having her marital woes in the gossip columns, Turks and Caicos First Lady Lisa Raye opens up to about the failure of their marriage, her previous fear of becoming a First Lady, and why she’s no opportunist.

ESSENCE.COM: Nice to hear from you. You’ve laid low since all the hoopla surrounding your marriage to Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick. How have you been holding up?

LISARAYE McCOY-MISICK: Why is it that people don’t embrace one another when we’re going through a tough time? Some of the things I read about me were so wrong and hurtful, but I am fine. It’s okay to move forward because things happen. Does it hurt? Yes. Am I disappointed? Incredibly. But this too shall pass.


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ESSENCE.COM: Is it difficult to go through rough times publicly, especially with a spouse.

LISARAYE: Yes. There is a law in Turks and Caicos that you must remain married for three years before you begin any kind of divorce proceedings. If you want to get a divorce before that you have to be able to prove certain things that will grant you the right to do so.

ESSENCE.COM: What evidence did you provide that helped you in your case?

LISARAYE: I can’t be specific right now. I will say that there are things that happen within a marriage which can disrespect the union and actions can be taken against those things. As an actress, I have put myself out there as an independent Black woman, a single mom, a go-getter, a hustler who isn’t afraid to survive. If you get with a man who goes against who you are or what you believe in, people who know you begin to say, “Hey, that’s not the LisaRaye I know.” As his wife, my name has been associated with things that I have nothing to do with, and I have to fight to clear my name.

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