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There was a time many years ago, when the union of 2 people, were born out of love for one another. Then from there, the creating of a life was the next step based on the feelings people had for each other. A child would be born created by love between two individuals based on natural instincts. This was once the norm where, sadly, today, it’s becoming the exception.

Nowadays, lust has taken over for the creating of life because, usually, it’s not planned and/or expected between the individuals. The lack of protection and/or the lack of realizing the consequences have taken a giant step behind anything that would make sense. Oftentimes, this leads to a marriage of convenience (for the sake of the child and not because of love between the individuals involved) which, based on the reason for the union, ends up in divorce or extreme bitterness between the former ‘lovers’. So, the natural sequence has been broken up in the name of lust.

Some would say that some people just grow apart or just fall out of love. That may be the case in some situations, but when one is led down the path based on what is perceived as sexual gratification and not love for the other individual, the thought process becomes what it shouldn’t be, ESPECIALLY when the parties have no other chemistry between them. The drive between meeting lustful demands on both individuals, clouds the ‘feelings’ one has for the other and sometimes, vice versa.

Yes, being with a member of the opposite sex and enjoying the intimacy of that individual creates a feeling of togetherness not shared by others who are not. If we can get back to the intricacies of what love between 2 individuals is supposed to about, then maybe marriage will be a real institution instead of a convenience for the results of unbridled lust.

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