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Hill Harper’s interview with Abiola Abrams about The Conversation:

Do black men & women have a communication block?

Hey Cupcakes!

Author, actor and activist, Hill Harper of the TV series CSI wants African American men and women to have a conversation. In his book, The Conversation, Harper says that there’s a rift in black communities and a dearth of black love due to lack of conversation. Check it out — he takes long-term terminally single men like himself to task!

Here’s a bit of trivia, Hill Harper and I both hosted the BET film competition series The Best Shorts before my gig as “Miss Picky” on VH1 show Tough Love.


Please Note: This video was not produced or edited by my team. I know that it seems to be edited like I’m just reacting to him but I promise you that I was my usual big mouth self and we did have “The Conversation.” Enjoy more AbiolaTV celebrity interviews.

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