Do you have friends with benefits? Are you two consenting adults or are you just playing yourself? Let’s talk sex buddies and relationships…

While some are still kvetching about whether successful black women can or can’t find a man, some like filmmaker Lamar Tyler and his wife Ronnie Tyler are taking positive steps to tell other stories.

Mo’Nique and her husband do it. Will and Jada do it… Or so they say.

Why can’t successful single black women find a man? Come  on. Are we still singing this same old song. Nightline, please! I thought that we left this in the 00’s. Especially when statistics show that 44% of black men are never married vs. 42% of black women. The official Miss Picky says every man and […]

Dating and Children? Whether you are a single parent or a single person dating people with children, there is one important question in the room: When is the right time to meet or introduce the kids? On this episode of Abiola’s Kiss & Tell TV, Abiola Abrams investigates. Watch — then let’s talk about it.

Tiger Woods and his apology have been covered to death. Yeah, we know it’s nobody’s business but his family’s and his sponsors’ but YOU clicked here for a reason, right? I couldn’t help wondering what those who make sex their business had to say about Tiger Woods so I spoke to Porn Stars like Mr. […]

Do Single Women Prefer Married Men? Hot NEW AbiolaTV Video on Single Women, Married Men and Cheating.

Roxanna Floyd was a gorgeous woman known for making beautiful black women even more beautiful – Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston. In this video interview we did last fall she demonstrates how women can achieve Whitney Houston’s comeback look. She will be missed.

What? You don’t have any gay besties? Well you can borrow one. Allow him to reintroduce himself — Terrance Dean, author of Hiding in Hip Hop. Your gay best friend is in – to give you the advice you need on Hello Beautiful weekly. But before you meet him, watch this scandalous Abiola and Terrance […]

Can I let you in on a little secret? Having met several “reality” TV matchmakers I can tell you that 100% of their personal love, sex and dating lives are in the toilet. So if they claim to have advice and answers so do we. Let’s trust ourselves to know that we have more answers […]