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There are those times when we want to kick, scream and basically act like a toddler but that irrational behavior never serves anyone. As women, especially black women, we must follow a rule said by Douglas Wilder, the first black governor of Virginia, he said “We can not do what others do and get away with it.” Even when someone has pushed all of your buttons, always try to take the high road. Just think, if you indulge in that behavior you will be feeding into all of the negative stereotypes about the goose-necking, black woman with the bad attitude. So when you feel yourself about to jump off of an irrational cliff with your man, at work or when out in public– try these tactics to help pull you back.

Take a breath: That will help you to clear your head and think. If you just start to breathe then the air will bring rational thoughts back into your brain and ability to make good decisions is sure to follow.

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Excuse yourself: Walk away and keep walking until you calm down. Removing yourself from the situation will help you to get a grasp on your emotions.

Call a friend: Everyone should have someone in their life that can bring them down, this should be the most rational person that you know. He/she will help you gain perspective to pull yourself together.

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