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Invite a few close friends to ring in the new year with an easy, intimate party at home. If you want to host a New Years Eve party, there are some steps to follow from ehow.com to ensure that your party will be one that your guests talk about long after the ball has dropped from

1)Send out festive party invitations. Not much of a creative or DIY person? You can make your invitations festive simply by adding colorful confetti to the inside of each envelope. Feeling crafty? Use a hole punch to loop colorful ribbon through the cards. Add some glitter for extra pizazz.

2)You don’t have to hire a DJ to have great music. Take some time a month or so before the party to download and put together a nice mix of tracks. Keep your guests in mind when selecting the music. Try to include multiple genres that reflect everyone’s tastes or favorite songs. Music makes great memories that your guests will take with them long after the party is over.

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3)The food is one of the most important elements of your party. Pay careful attention first and foremost to what you can afford (this isn’t the time to do a big Ta-Da menu if you don’t have the funds). Ideally, finger foods are most suitable. Chips and dip are a party staple (make your dip from scratch, if possible)as well as cheese, veggie and deli platters. You may also want to go alittle fancier with prosciutto wrappeed melon or maybe mini tacos with salsa for dipping. It’s also important to consider your guests when planning the menu. Have a nice variety of foods from which to choose to cover the possibilities of any allergies a guest may have.

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