Gorgeous Hair

The fall is the perfect time to rock your hair in its natural state. Cooler temperatures often mean less worry about humidity-induced shrinkage.

Gorgeous Hair

Autumn air is often dry and that can have an unwanted effect when you’re rocking your natural curls.

Gorgeous Hair

A fresh set of classic box braids is a ‘look’ no matter the season. This iconic protective ‘do reigns supreme as a go-to style that can be worn in various lengths and colors. Believe the hype! Classic box braids really are ‘that girl!’

Gorgeous Hair

A Wash-and-go is the perfect way to hydrate your curls when you’re on the move. Flora & Curl Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel keeps curls moisturized and defined.

Taraji took a risk from her usual red carpet look and won big with her tantalizing tresses.

Here are three go-to outfits that will help you beat the heat. HelloBeautiful shows you how to get the look and stay cool, but keep it professional — all at the same time.

Major key: it's all about layering and diverse pieces. Here's how to create eight completely different looks with five pieces.

Sex & Relationships

Ladies, are you frustrated and unsatisfied with your orgasms? Do you want to know more about your different spots, female ejaculation (aka squirting), and how to go from Zero orgasms- to- MULTIPLE orgasms? Watch the two video snippets below from Radio One Detroit’s Women’s Empowerment Expo to learn how to achieve your best sex ever and have a WOW […]

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard that little voice inside your head scream: “Oh my goodness I hate my legs!” “I wish my stomach was flatter.” “I would definitely be happier if I lost these last 10 pounds!” Sound familiar, right? A number of studies on body image point to a troubling trend:  many of […]

Why is that we always want what we don’t have? Back in the days when I wore shoulder-length straight hair, I wanted curly hair–a looser curl that had a ton of body and shine to it. But how to achieve that look was anyone’s guess. From sponge rollers, which always left a dent, to small-barreled […]