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There are many, many people who will be expecting holiday gifts from you this season and that list may also include co-workers. According to Mahalo.com there is proper etiquette for workplace gifts, here are the top 5 rules.

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  1. Set a spending limit. You don’t need to break the bank buying gifts for your co-workers. You want to give a “token” of your appreciation. Expensive gifts can also make your co-workers feel uncomfortable as their meaning can be misconstrued by the recipient and other co-workers.
  2. Do not give items that are too personal. Don’t give clothes, toiletries or perfume. Even if you’ve got a massive crush on your cubicle neighbor, now is not the time to express it. Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. Keep your gifts professional.
  3. Don’t give the boss anything expensive. You don’t want to give your boss anything that will look like you’re trying to curry his or her favor. Your boss also knows how much you make. He or she isn’t expecting a bottle of Cristal. A nice note, a book or a gourmet food item will suffice.
  4. Don’t disobey organizational rules. Some larger corporations actually have rules about gift-giving. They either set limits on the amount that can be spent on gifts or disallow it altogether. If you’re not sure whether your offices has rules about gift-giving, consult your HR department.
  5. Give gifts to close friends outside of the office. If you have a special bond with a co-worker and want to give him or her a more personal gift, do it outside of the office. Keep your personal relationships and feelings in a personal space.

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