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There are some that choose not to discriminate when it comes to “the loving” and that reaches across all lines– even size. Some women say that they love a chubby belly, and once you go fat you can’t go back. Let’s explore: this is a man that is most definitely aware of his size, so he will caress your body like a delicate flower. If you do not mind a little extra sweat, then I am sure that the love making can be pleasurable, just keep a hand towel near by because you are going to need it; and as always, use condoms and know thy self.

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Today is No Judgment Friday so here are some tips on how to make love to a Chubby-Belly man:

Step 1: Love and accept the belly because clothes tend to make men look smaller, so when the clothes come off –brace yourself, there may be even more belly there than you originally thought.  Just breathe and rub the belly, but if you cannot embrace it then move on.

Step 2: Missionary is not an option: The larger party must be on the bottom or the side, whatever your pleasure. The “love parts” can get lost in the blubber so keep positioning in the forefront of your mind.

Step 3: Learn how to cook: He is obviously a foodie, so if you want to keep that man happy and coming back for more, you have to burn those pots too.

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