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Ok, ladies let’s have a heart-to-heart. Have you ever had a lip gloss that was the perfect shade, that of course you used to death? Have you gone to the same exact store you bought it from, and they discontinued it? Doesn’t that -ish really make you angry!!!!! And then the stupid counter girl either treats like you’re dumb and give you another color or pretend it never existed! I’m getting upset just thinking about it! OMG!!!!

**Calms down** No need to fret any longer!

Thanks to the good people at Giella, they will take your almost trash worthy cosmetics, and make a replication just for you! Not only do they re-create lip sticks, nail polish, and glosses, but you can purchase some of their specialized goodies, from foundations and bronzers to blushes, and tweezers!

Make sure to check it out!!! What a wonderland to explore!

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